Monday, November 1, 2010


In Ms. Snyder's class, every day we do centers right after R.T.I.. The centers are computer, buddy reading, flip book, group reading, guided reading, reading games, independent reading, reading kit, and the smart board.On the computer we go to learning websites such as F.C.A.T. Explorer. When we buddy read we read one book and take turns reading with a partner. For the flip book center we make a flip book that is related to a story. In group reading we read a book with our group. In guided reading we read with either Mrs.Luis-Jorge or Mrs.Snyder. When we do the reading games we pick one board game that relates to reading and play with other people. When we independently read we read by our self. when we use the reading kit we read a short story that is either a fairy tale, historical fiction, realistic fiction, mystery suspense, or just plain fantasy.Finaly we want to tell you about the fun times we have on the smartboard.On the snartboard we play reading comprehension games.Sometimes while doing other centers we look at the group that is on the smartboard.So we just wanted all of you panther parents to know what we do in class!

By Turner and Alex

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